videoTemplate-strawberries-newforest strawberry at new forest

Growing strawberries at new forest fruit farm in Cocopeat
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videoTemplate-strawbery-grower strawberry grower - hydroponic Cocopeat

Pelemix interview with the head grower of BerryMex. B.California -Driscol Farm
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videoTemplate-strawberrygrowbag-gutter Pelemix -Strawberry Cocopeat growbags crop on hanging gutter
Strawberries crop in hanged growbags
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videoTemplate-final-stage-pepper UK -Pepper crop -planted Nov. 2008

Pepper production in Cocopeat growbags in the UK
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videoTemplate-finca-mexico Tomato Finca  Mexico

Tomatoes in Cocopeat growbags, Mexico
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videoTemplate-strawberry-UK Pelemix -"Close up" Strawberries in the UK
High tunnels

Strawberries crop [Sept. 2009] cocopeat growbags in the UK -high tunnels
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videoTemplate-strawberries-baja-california strawberry on supported gutter

Cocopeat growbags for strawberries on supported gutters Baja California
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videoTemplate-pepper-10hectares GH in Spain

Pelemix -Pepper growing 10 hectares
high tech in cocopeat growbags. GH in Spain
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videoTemplate-productiom Growbags production

Pelemix Cocopeat Growbags production
at Negambo site working hall No. 3
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