Drainage collecting systems


As a leading company in the soilless growing media market, Pelemix understands the importance of a good drainage system that will make it possible to keep the greenhouse clean and provide the option of recycling the drain water.

After almost 20 years of activity in the hydroponics growth market, Pelemix gained the knowledge and information regarding drainage collecting systems. Pelemix Offers its customers not only a tailor made media for plant growth but also the drainage system that will answer the specific needs of each grower.


Mapal_draining_system Netafim_draining _system
Mapal draining system Netafim draining system


Any kind of Vegetable, Cut Flower or Herb you grow, Pelemix has the best organic Cocopeat growing media

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Home gardening

User and envitonmental friendly.

All organic, Ideal solution for succesfull

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Variable Cocopeat products that will fit any Horticulture or Seedlings production requierments.
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