Drainage- Using growbags creates drainage water. In order to control the drainage water there must be a gutter under the growbags to collect the drainage water.

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The gutter must be wide enough to guarantee that the whole growbag will be supported by the gutter. There are two kinds of gutters:

1. Ground supported gutter




Drainage_pictures4_small Drainage_pictures3_small

Ground supported gutters

2. Hanging gutter.

Drainage_pictures6_small Drainage_pictures5_small Drainage_pictures7_small


Drainage_pictures8_small --- Drainage_pictures9_small

Hanging gutters

In both cases the gutter must have the capacity to channel all the drainage water away from the growbags in order to avoid a situation of the growbags standing in water. The gutter must have a slope that will allow a quick removal of the drainage water. At the end of the rows there should be a collecting pipe in order to remove the drainage water away from the plot (growing area). Disposing (or collecting in a recycling tank) of the drainage water is essential for the plot's healthiness.

In the case of a hanging gutter, the structure's weight limitation must be considered when the growbag type is chosen.



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