By using Pelemix sieving technology, Pelemix removed the fine dust from the raw material and classify it into diffrent grades:

1/6 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch thaht are mainly used in nurseries.

3/4 inch, P.L.F, Crush used in the horticulture proffessional sector.

Pelemix keeps the important chemical factors at the proper range (EC/PH) by using the natural local rains or local pumped waters from close natutal rivers.

The raw material coming out of the production sites of Pelemix is balanced by nature and they are named and marked as: NOT treated or washed or UNWASHED.

only this type of products range are allowed to be used in the ORGANIC growing sectors.

For very unic customers and on demand, Pelemix has developed a special protocol of treatment for chemicaly balancing the coir, using Calcium Nitrate in order to reach very low EC levels.

These products are named and marked as: Treated (fully/partly) according to the required EC level.

These Data are clearly indiacted in all documentation that accompanies the shipments.


The "treated products" can not be used fro the ORGANIC growing sectors due to the chemical treatment in this product range.

Chips_small Pieces of Coir made from the husk. The chips material is usually added to the growing media as an aerating supplement and allows higher drainage. Chips are very popular in orchid nurseries. The presence of the chips inside the growing media supplies the orchids a good combination of moisture, air and water. There are different sizes of Coir chips and it is important to use the right fraction for the right crop.
1/4" , 1/6" Cocopeat
1-4 The 1/6" Cocopeat and the 1/4" Cocopeat materials are Pelmix's unique products for Nurseries which specialize in seedlings.


Crush Pro
crush_PRO_small This Combination of  3/4" cocopeat and  Crush provides a more drainable growing media. It is suitable for climates having a cold winter and hot summer. It is perfect for growers who are interested in applying large number of irrigation cycles in all seasons.
crush The Crush Coir is a coarser Coir made of long fibers and chips. The absence of dust and the 3/4" Cocopeat allows a much faster drainage.
P.L.F cocopeat
plf The P.L.F. Cocopeat is a combination of coco chips and 3/4" Cocopeat. The presence of chips provides a more drainable medium and therefore is more suitable for regions with both, hot and cold growing periods (Such as U.S.A. and Turkey).


3/4"DS Cocopeat
3-4_coco The 3/4" Cocopeat is one of Pelemix's leading products and it is recommended for use in hot climate regions (Such as Mexico, South Africa and Australia ).



Any kind of Vegetable, Cut Flower or Herb you grow, Pelemix has the best organic Cocopeat growing media

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Home gardening

User and envitonmental friendly.

All organic, Ideal solution for succesfull

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Variable Cocopeat products that will fit any Horticulture or Seedlings production requierments.
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