Coir- Cocopeat Segmentation

The key for high quality

The source of coir- Cocopeat is the husk of the coconut fruit. This source is organic and therefore the coir- Cocopeat growing media is an organic substrate. This is the obvious and well known part about  coir, but there is  a lesser known part about  coir- Cocopeat as a substrate.

High quality coir- Cocopeat products should have the following characteristics:

Air/ Water distribution- Will allow a quick and healthy roots system development in the coir and will effect the development of the plant from planting to the end of harvest.

Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) - Will create a chemical buffer that will enable the grower to achieve higher yields.

Sustainability- Will guarantee the grower that the Coir- Cocopeat will not loose its characteristics during the period that was guaranteed by the producer.

Tailor made products- Growing media should meet with the needs of the grower. Only a first class producer has the knowhow and abilities to combine all parameters into the ideal product for the grower.

How does Pelemix obtain its premium quality?

How does Pelemix make its well known tailor made products for hydroponic growers?

How does Pelemix create a uniform growing media from millions of husks?

Segmentation, Control and knowhow


Pelemix's segmentation method is based on removing the fine dust from the Coir - Cocopeat (Double sieved-fine dust removed). By removing the fine dust Pelemix has made the first and very important stage to guarantee an equal air/water distribution. After that, an advanced segmentation method is applied and the coir- Cocopeat can be divided to three main sections:

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