<br />Bales are available as regular, washed and treated the material. The coco coir is compressed into  5 kg bales, 30X30X10 cm (~ 9 liters when compressed).After hydration of the bales (adding water to the compressed bale), the yield for each bale should be 65-70 liter of loose coco coir.<br />

Suitable CropBlendsEC (1:1.5)Available Size
Tomato<br />Cucumber<br />Bell-pepper<br />Strawberries<br />Cut Flowers<br />MMJ<br />16mm<br />PLF<br />Hydro Pro BlendsNaturally Washed<br />Washed<br />Treated30X30X10-14<br />

<br /><img class=”wp-image-1553 alignleft” src=”” alt=”omri logo” width=”104″ height=”75″ data-mce-src=”” />* Buffered products are not OMRI certified<br />

Bales Pressing Machine