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boost your Cannabis Plants with pelemix's coco coir

Cannabis is a perennial, dioecious flowering herb.  In recent years more and more countries have approved the growth of Cannabis plants for medical and recreation purposes. 
Cannabis requires a well drained substrate to allow for proper manipulation of vegetative growth in the initial vegetative stage and generative growth in the flowering and buds development stage. 


CannaMix (4 Lt, 6.5 Lt , 9Lt & 11 Lt)

CannaMix is a special designed Coir OpenTop for Cannabis Growth. Pelemix Coco Coir’s long fibers and unique double sieving technology create the optimal air / water ratio, which is vital for strong root development, while even water content and distribution guaranteed across the media

Coco Coir Bales

For large pots, we offer bales to be hydrated and used as loose coir.

Blends and Loose Coco Coir

Loose coco coir and different blends for Parent Plants pots can be supplied from Pelemix mixing facility; in Big Bales of 3cubic meters, 5 cubic meters. jumbo bags, or 70 liter bags, containing coir-peat-perlite blends, or any other blend based on client request.

Pelemix Grow Cubes From Propagation Stage to Vegetative Stage

Pelemix offers Grow Cubes with the possibility to insert plugs (Jiffy and similar). Grow cubes are 10X10X7.5 cm, usually with 16mm blend. Veg. cubes are 15X15X10 cm, usually with 16mm blend.


Pelemix offers large variety of volumes: 4, 6, 5, 9, 11, 13.5 ,15, 18 ,27 liters

Polyethylene bags have one year life span unless defined differently

CannaMix Open Tops are provided in crates to ease distribution to growing rooms/plots

PLF (30% Crash, 70% Pith) is the preferred mixture for Cannabis Growth

Treated products are preferable, washed products are also available

Plastic pallets are available

MJOT for cannabis growing


Various Growing Methods

Pelemix offers large variety of coir products that provide optimal cultivation solutions. We offer large volume Open Tops, up to 27 liters for parent plants. For larger pots we can offer 5kg bales to be hydrated and used as loose coir. Our clients can choose their product from our wide products list or we can produce a customized solution per the client's request.

Strict quality assurance

Pelemix provides coir with a high buffer pottential capacity and can be used for more than one year (few cycles). Coco coir is an organic material (Omri certificated) and all our products are under strict quality assurance regulation (ISO QA).

High Buffer capacity

Pelemix premium Coir will retain enough water to overcome irrigation problems and will convey sufficient nutrients to overcome fertigation problem for a certain time.

Technical support

Our team of agronomists offers continuous professional guidance at all levels: from the quote stage to on-site farm visits after planting and during growing. Our experienced agronomists will provide the best technical support to make sure your venture becomes a success.

Full Logistics Support

Pelemix Ltd manufactures its high quality products in facilities that are spread through out Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Spain. Pelemix exports over 1700 containers a year worldwide. Pelemix provides full logistic support on FCL basis and on incoterms prefered by our clients.

100% Renewable Resource

Pelemix coco coir is supplied from a renewable source and not taken from an area under any kind of environmental protection. The raw material is collected and produced only in Pelemix facilities with a strict controlling on own sources.

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