Our Production:

The natural properties (both physical and chemical) of the coir (coco fibers and coco husk) make it an ideal substrate suitable for the advanced technology of soilless culture.

In our nine different production plants, we keep high-end raw materials together with good manufacturing facilities that generate uniformity and consistency of production in large quantities.

  • 7 Manufacturing plants

    Sri Lanka – Negombo

    Sri Lanka – Marawila

    Sri Lanka – Attanagala

    Sri Lanka – Mahawewa

    India – Vayalur

    Spain – Alhama de Murcia

    Thailand – Bang Saphan

  • 4 warehouses

    India – Tuti – Including Office

    Accounting and Logistics.

    Spain – Almeria & Murcia.

    Mexico – Guadalajara.

    USA – long beach, California.