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Pelemix is a leader in the coir – coco peat substrate market for Hydroponics growers and nurseries.

Our coir is used worldwide as a growing media for various hydroponics crops in nurseries, greenhouses, plant propagation, and bedding plants


modern technologies and production principles

Pelemix is using modern technologies along with high quality materials to produce various coir-based blends for agriculture, some of which include other materials.

Our company supply a whole range of Coco coir products including Growbags, 5 kg bales, our exclusive OpenTops, Blends and other Coir based products.

In order to guarantee high quality and best-of-its-class products Pelemix  maintains a very strict  control on the production procedure in its factories. Pelemix invests time and labor in the production procedure  insure that the factories keep up with Pelemix’s high standards.

Raw material

The first stage in the production is to soak the  Husk in water  reservoir. During this stage the Husk is softened by the water. Pelemix does not use young Husks for this stage. Since this is the first stage for all Pelemix’s products, (Besides Crush material), Pelemix has no products based on immature husks.


Extraction of all fractions relevant to Pelemix products from the Husk.


Pelemix’s aim is to produce long term products. The composting stage is critical if the Coco is to last more than 2 years. This stage takes 12-18 months.

Double sieving (removing long fibers and dust)

This procedure is the final stage, and where Pelemix makes sure that each product fits exactly  to its quality requirements.  The sieving is critical for obtaining uniformity and quality of all Coco (coir) products..

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Our Production

The natural properties (both physical and chemical) of the coir (coco fibers and coco husk) make it an ideal substrate suitable for the advanced technology of soilless culture.

In our nine different production plants, we keep high-end raw materials together with good manufacturing facilities that generate uniformity and consistency of production in large quantities.


Sri Lanka – Negombo

Sri Lanka – Marawila

Sri Lanka –  Attanagalla

Sri Lanka – Mahawewa

India – Vayalur

Spain – Alhama de Murcia

Thailand – Bang Saphan

India – Vayalur

Spain – Alhama de Murcia

Thailand – Bang Saphan


Israel- Kfar Saba

India – Tuticorin 

Spain – Almeria Murcia

Mexico – Guadalajara

USA – long beach, California

South Africa- Cape Town Durban

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