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Sustainable growth with Pelemix Coco peat

Pelemix takes pride in providing a sustainable green solution in a world where consumers demand organic and eco-friendly cultivation options.
Coco Peat (known as Coir Pith, Coco Coir, Coir Fibre, Cocos, Coir dust) is produced from the process of extracting fiber from the outer husk of coconut. Pelemix offers a range of 100% natural raw material products.


Our goal is to create the most advanced Coir (Coco peat) solutions for growers worldwide, allowing our customers to achieve high yield, excellent quality, and high profitability.


Our goal is to keep using the most advanced technologies and best-of-it-class raw materials to obtain high-quality coco coir products that meet all growers’ demands while maintaining our high standards.


Our goal is to remain the leading company in producing Coco Peat growing media in particular, and hydroponic growing in general.


Our goal is to guarantee customer satisfaction. In order to do so, we spread a global agronomic support and marketing network. Our customer’s success is our success.

Why Us?

Our outstanding quality is ratified by our long-term customers

We offer logistic solutions to suit our customers’ needs

A wide range of inventory options

We partner with you for our mutual growth

Pelemix has its own production facilities in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Spain.  Our core competency is being able to produce large quantities of substrates and to provide growing solutions for professional growers, nurseries and potting soil companies worldwide. Being a forerunner in this industry and continuously working with professionals across five continents, Pelemix understands the importance of making tailormade products to suit each and every customer.


With its experience and reputation, backed by quality certified by international agencies (ISO 9001-2015 & OMRI), Pelemix would be the only company to adhere to a lean manufacturing system. Our aim is to create the most advanced Cocopeat solutions for growers worldide, allowing our customers to achieve a high yield, excellent quality, and high profitability. We have invested in infrastructure to achieve this goal, maintaining large inventory, multiple production sites and strict Quality procedures.

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