Grow Disc – Grow Cube – Brick


In some cases growers prefer to use plastic pots instead of plastic bags.

Specifically for those growers we have developed a series of products which differ in size and material structure to meet all the demands of the grower.

There are different sizes and material structure of Grow-Disks starting from 13 up to 22 cm diameter.

Grow Cube

For growers interested in a more mature plant for transplanting, we offer our Grow-Cubes.

Grow-Cubes are made of our 16mm double sieved fine fibers, ideal for optimal rooting.

The roots will easily penetrate the GrowBag and the plant will continue its smooth growth.


The Coco Bricks are similar to the 5kg bales, but for smaller volumes, allowing growers to place them directly in pots or growing bags at a volume of 9 liter.

The Brick weight is 650 grams

Suitable CropBlendsEC (1:1.5)Available Size
Tomato Cucumber Bell-pepper Strawberries Cut Flowers MMJ16mm PLF Hydro Pro BlendsNaturaly Washed Washed TreatedUp to 100 CM10-40 CM8-16 CM

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