Pelemix's coir leaves our factories after passing our intense quality assurance system and is ready for immediate use.
For best results, please observe the following simple rules for maintaining the coir’s quality, characteristics and expansion ratio:

  • If use is not immediate, avoid wetting the pallets and/or unloading the in heavy rains. In rainy weather, please unload under a shelter.
  • Handle with care
    • If you bought GB or OT, make sure unloading does not tear the plastic.
    • Be careful when unloading. The pallets may be high and very close to the containers’ ceiling.
    • Since pallets are high and heavy, unload/load with caution to avoid pallets from turning over or collapsing from the lift fork.
  • Store pallets where there is no risk of water ever penetrating the pallets and the coir.
  • Do NOT store the pallets in direct sunlight.
    • Direct sun will reduce the plastic’s resistance period over time.
    • Prolonged exposure to direct sun may also reduce the expansion ratio.
  • The storing area should be dry and cool (best below 25o C).
  • Avoid chemicals and pests (weeds and plant diseases) in the storage area.
  • It is best to plan your order so the coir's storage time will not exceed 6 months.

If any of the above is not clear OR not possible to adhere to, please contact a Pelemix representative immediately for alternative solutions.

Responsibility for proper loading/unloading and storage lies solely with the buyer.

Please note that Pelemix will not be able to guarantee the quality of the product if the above storage guidelines are not followed.
In any situation, Pelemix responsibility is limited up to the value of the goods.

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