Managing Drainage Water for Successful Cultivation with Pelemix Growing Bags

The use of cultivation bags generates drainage water. To properly control this water, it’s necessary to have a channel beneath the cultivation bags to collect the drainage. The channel should be wide enough to ensure that the entire cultivation bag is within it and we don’t lose any drainage water. There are two types of channels:

Ground-supported channel.
Hanging channel.

In both cases, the channel must have the capacity to channel all the drainage water away from the cultivation bags, preventing them from being submerged in water.

Furthermore, the channel should have a slope that allows for rapid removal of the drainage water. At the end of the rows, a collection pipe should be placed to remove the drainage water from the cultivation area. Proper evacuation (or collection in a recycling tank) of the drainage water is essential for maintaining crop health. If a hanging channel is used, it’s important to consider the weight limitation of the structure when choosing the type of cultivation bag.

We should have a device to measure the amount of drainage water we collect and the amount of irrigation water we’ve used. This way, we can determine the percentage of drainage water we’re obtaining per irrigation or per day. Depending on the crop we’re cultivating or the growth stage of the crop, we’ll need to adjust the percentage of drainage water. It will also be important to measure the concentration of salts in our cultivation bags to establish an appropriate percentage of drainage water. If we observe an increasing trend in the EC of the cultivation bag, we should increase the percentage of drainage water to remove salts and lower the EC to optimal values.

At Pelemix, we understand the importance of proper drainage water management for the success of your crop. Our cultivation bags are designed to allow effective drainage, ensuring your plants receive the right amount of water and nutrients for optimal growth. By using our cultivation bags in combination with a suitable channel, you can efficiently control drainage water and maintain a healthy cultivation environment.

Remember that caring for drainage water not only benefits your plants but also the environment. At Pelemix, we are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. With our cultivation and water management solutions, you can achieve abundant and high-quality harvests responsibly.

Optimize your cultivation with Pelemix and discover the benefits of our quality cultivation bags and drainage systems! If you have any questions or need additional guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you achieve your cultivation goals.