cannaMix By Pelemix

High Value Plants deserve the highest quality COIR
Pelemix Coco Coir is the most popular coir available for professional cannabis growing facilities worldwide.
Our products are in high demand for MJ, commercial & private growers in different markets.
Pelemix Coco Coir’s long fibers and unique double sieving technology create the optimal air / water ratio, which is vital for strong root development, while even water content & distribution is guaranteed across the media.

why use pelemix premium coir

Why use

Long Lasting

Decomposed coir – minimum 6-months process

100% Renewable Resource Resource

Pelemix coco coir is supplied from a renewable source and not taken from an area under any kind of environmental protection. The raw material is collected and produced only in Pelemix facilities with a strict controlling on own sources.

Quality Assurance

Strict quality assurance under ISO QA system


A large range of fractions from fine double sieved fibers, through our coarser fractions are processed from coco husk. Different Coir & Peat mixture with additives, as standard or per the client’s request.

High cation exchange rate

High cation exchange rate, which is essential to the media’s ability to hold nutrients.

Technical support

Our team of agronomists offers continuous professional guidance at all levels: from the quote stage to on-site farm visits after planting and during growing. Our experienced agronomists will provide the best technical support to make sure your venture becomes a success.


Pelemix offers a large variety of Open Top growbags in different volumes: 4, 6, 5, 9, 11, 13.5 ,15, 18 ,27 liters

Small size propagation discs trays [CPT]; Grow Cubes[GC] for the veg. stages 400cc -700cc

Growing Cubes for short veg. and flowering stages 2.75 Liters – 3.2 liters

Possibility for Biodegradable bags as well as Plastic bags with short period composability

CannaMix Open Tops are packed in crates to ease distribution to growing rooms/plots; the crates’ bases are made of wood or plastic.

Easy to manage – technically simple with fast assembling and quick evacuation from the growing area after cultivation; saves labor - water fertilizers

PLF (Mix of Crush chips and coir pith) is the preferred mixture for Cannabis cultivation with the optimal air/water ratios. Other types of mixtures are also available

" Pre Buffered and Mechanical Washed" or "Mechanical Extra washed only" both are the most popular products type with low EC and stabilized PH

A clean and monitored production process from the selection of raw material through processing and until the final product is packed - shipped – stored.

Strong on-site logistics and customer support; available stock and fast supply of single crates up to full containers

MJOT for cannabis growing


Pelemix LTD. Specializing in the production and marketing of Coco Coir-based substrates worldwide. As one of the world’s leaders in the coir substrate industry, we provide Coco Coir products and solutions from Pelemix manufacturing sites in Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.
Our Coco Coir products are used for greenhouses, nurseries, bedding plants and different sectors of professional indoor & outdoor growing, in its pure form, as well as in the many specialized Coir & Peat mixtures suited for different growing methods. We offer our customers proven growing solutions for different growing concepts, ensuring high quality, consistency and on time delivery. 
Our focus is on the professional & commercial MJ market. As world leaders in hydroponic and soilless industry, we support our clients in adopting growing principles suitable for hydroponic growth using our proven knowledge and experience.