Pelemix’s coir – cocopeat is an excellent media for roots development. Therefore the volume of substrates / growing media is relatively small (compared to soil and other soilless medias).

Since the volume is relatively small it is very important for roots to equally develop within all the media.

The easiest way to achieve uniformity in the coir – cocopeat is by applying water in a way that the water / air ratio and the E.C. levels in the coir- cocopeat remain the same.

Pelemix strongly recommends applying a slow flow rate dripper every 20 cm (or less).

For example, a growbag (1 meter long) for 3 plants should have a dripper every 20 cm(5 drippers in total).



During irrigation, water and nutrients in the coir will be distributed equally inside the coir – cocopeat and the E.C. levels will remain the same.  The roots will develop through all the growing media’s volume regardless of the distance from the dripper.

When using growbags for vegetables and Open Tops, it is recommended to use arrow drippers.

 There are two methods to apply arrow drippers:

  1. Purchase the growbags with holes for arrow drippers. After placing the growbags, insert the arrow drippers into the holes and apply the CaNO3treatment through the irrigation system (see Pre planting page).

Growbag for 5 plants with arrow dripper holes


Growbag for 3 plants with arrow dripper holes


Make holes in growbag’s plastic and insert all of the arrows into the bag.

Apply the CaNO3 treatment through the irrigation system  
(see Pre planting page).

Remove the arrow drippers from the growbags and re insert them normally.

It is also possible to use a drip line pipe inside the growbags. This method is recommended for growing herbs in wide growbags (some growers use it for vegetables in regular growbags as well).

After placing the growbags and making sure that the slab is in the middle of the plastic bag (see pre planting page). Cut holes in each side of the growbag for the drip line pipe.

Insert the drip line pipe through the growbags.   (One after the other like sewing the growbags with the drip line pipe).

Apply CaNO3 treatment through irrigation system (see Pre planting page).

In growbags wider then 25 cm, two drip line pipes should be used

It is possible to buy Pelemix’s growbags with holes for drip line pipes and with planting holes.

In growbags that were bought without planting holes, the holes must be made without damaging the drip line pipes.

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