Using growbags creates drainage water. In order to control the drainage water there must be a gutter under the growbags to collect the drainage water.

hanging gutters
growbage create drainage

The gutter must be wide enough to guarantee that the whole growbag will be supported by the gutter. There are two kinds of gutters:

  1. Ground supported gutters
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  • ground supported gutter 2
  • ground supported gutter 3 hishpele
  • ground supported gutter 4

2. Hanging gutters

  • hanging gutters
  • hanging gutters
  • hanging gutters
  • hanging gutters

In both cases the gutter must have the capacity to channel all the drainage water away from the growbags in order to avoid a situation where the growbags standing in water. The gutter must have a slope that will allow a quick removal of the drainage water. At the end of the rows there should be a collecting pipe in order to remove the drainage water away from the plot (growing area). Disposing (or collecting in a recycling tank) of the drainage water is essential for the plot’s health.
In the case of a hanging gutter, the structure’s weight limitation must be considered when the growbag type is selected.

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