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best quality coco Coir Products

Our wide production capabilities allow us to offer our customers various coco peat products in different formats.

Soil and any other media will usually define the irrigation and fertilization regime based on the physical and chemical properties of the substrate and per the grown crop.
Coco coir allows growers to adjust not just the irrigation and fertigation but also the physical and chemical properties of coco coir in order to achieve optimal performance for each crop.

We offer our customers coco coir solutions based on their specific climate conditions, type of greenhouse, irrigation system but foremost the crop type. Some of our coco coir products are suitable for a  large range of crops and growing conditions, but some crops require specific properties which we consider in the product design.

In the following data, you may find our crop based solutions for cucumbers, tomatoes,  cut flowers, berries, blueberries, MJ (Cannabis), nurseries etc.

Our Coco Coir Products

Grow Bags & Grow Slabs

Coco Coir Grow Bags for all kind of vegetables and strawberries growths (GB NW P2Y+HOLES).

Coco Coir Bales

Best quality Coir Bales for Mixing, Troughs and Seddings.

Open Tops

Special developed Coco Peat Open Tops for high value cannabis, berries& trees nurseries growth.

Coco peat Mixtures

We offer pure loose coco and mixes with peat-moss, packed in special bags or compressed in bales.

Quality Assurance

Our policy at Pelemix Ltd is to produce Coco Peat products as per customer specification.
In other words, we make every effort to deliver agreed quality and quantity to our customers on time.
We commit ourselves to implement the Quality Management System and to continually seek improvements in the system’s operation.O

Coir Terminology​

Coir is the scientific name for  substrate that is based on the Coco-nut husk, however many people are still using the words Coco or Coco Peat when referring to the Coir.

This term means using alternative materials as a growing media, instead of using soil. In other words, the system is disconnected from the soil. This method enables the grower a better control on the rhizosphere. Moreover, it is an efficient way to avoid soil diseases and an inhomogeneous soil.

The term originally referred to water-based growing systems, however, today it more recently refers to all soilless growing systems.

The method to define different Cooco peat fractions and the key to matching the right material for different conditions. For instance, Climate, Plant, Irrigating system Etc.

Some plants are more sensitive to salt concentration in the rhizosphere. Therefore, for this  growth also possible to purchase Coco Coir at lower E.C. levels.

Usually, it is recommended to treat the Coir with CaNO3 before using it. Pelemix offers the option of buying the Coco Peat after it has already been treated.

Coir Products Terminology

Grow Bags are the most modern technology for hydroponic growth is based on Coco Coir – coco peat. The coco coir slabs are wrapped in plastic bag and the product is supplied compressed and achieves its final volume after wetting.

Most nurseries and some vegetables growers are interested in growing each plant in separate containers. Open Top is a full plastic bag with drainage holes in its base, the upper part is completely open. Inside the plastic bag there is a compressed slab of Coco coir cocopeat that, as a result, will expand when irrigated with water.

Coco coir disk is a rounded compressed coco peat material, for round containers.
As a result, after the disk is wetted, it expands vertically and fills the container or planting hole in trays.

Coco Coir Chips are Pieces of Coir-made from the husk. The chips are usually used to increase the drainage ability of the growing media.

Coarser material made of long fibers and chips. For example, it is a very popular as a growing media in regions of cold climate and low radiation.

Combination of 16 mmmaterial and Crash.  From our et is  very popular as a growing media in regions of cold winters and hot summers.

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