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Pelemix Coco Coir OpenTop
for hydroponic blueberries, Raspberries and Other Berries

Our 3BMulti-Drain OpenTop System for hydroponic blueberries, raspberries and other berries has been created by combining the ideal volume of a specially formulated coco-coir blend and an innovatively designed Pelemix OpenTop bag.

Coir for Berry Crops- THE FUTURE IS BLUE

Berries production and consumption has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Greenhouses and mainly tunnels are being used to extend the growing season and harvesting period. Blueberries, Raspberries and other kinds of berries are traditionally grown in the ground. The soil should be well-drained, yet with sufficient moister holding capacity.
Optimizing berry production requires a high level of control, a balanced air-to-water ratio in the ground of growing media, proper micro-irrigation and fertilization.
All these can be achieved when using soilless coco-coir technology for growing berries in greenhouse. 
The leading ways for growing berries are growing in coir open tops, growing berries in pots and growing berries in containers. Pelemix coco coir blend can suit all those ways of growing berries.

3B OpenTop Benefits

Higher yield compared to growing in the ground

3B open Top replaces more expensive pots/containers

Earlier harvest due to quicker fruit development

Labor saving solution – easy installation

More plants per hectare and high drainage capacity

Roots Development​

Open Tops are, uniform low weight, easy to use already in bags growing media. Providing the ideal solution for hign results.

Pelemix mixing system can produce the ideal combination of Coarse coir (Crush material) and fine material (16 mm ) to meet climate demand,  growing method (Under net, under plastic or none) and irrigation system.

Roots develops equally, providing the planter a bulk full of roots, easy to plant and ready to penetrate the soil

Uniformity and Easy To Use

Pelemix production technology produces, uniform Open Tops which enable easier control over fertigation.

Pelemix’s Open Top products provide growers the capability of saving time and labor. All the grower has to do, is to distribute the Open Tops in the plot (before expansion the Open Tops have a very low weight), adjust the dripper and the plot is almost ready to go. 

While using Pelemix’s Open Tops the stages of filling the pots and spreading the heavy pots in the greenhouse are avoided.

open top citro kit

Healthy Plants and Other Benefits

Using Pelemix Open Tops help avoiding soil diseases in the substrate and produce strong plants.

Unlike other soilless cultures, Coco Coir holds high air capacity even when  completely saturated.

With time the Cocopeat develops a high buffer capacity that will enable the plants to overcome a short time deficiency of fertilizers and water.

Basic product information

General info:

Pelemix coco coir mix for Blueberry crop; compressed bags for self-hydration

Product :

Pelemix OT303030M310 3B Blueberryblend; 30cm width x30cm length x30 cm height ; bag volume 27 liters

Material type:

M310[3 different coir layers including drainage fiber layer]


Including drain holes ; UV protected for 5 years minimum ; black inside white outside


6600 units per container 40FT HC'

Coir Substrate Open Top for Blueberry
Expended coir open top substrate for blueberry

Top Layer

Middle Layer

Bottom Layer

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