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Our range of materials and products can simulate different soil physical and chemical properties to maximize yield for growers. Therefore, it is imperative to define products and names and elaborate on their characteristics and utilization in hydroponics/horticulture. Furthermore, our Coir can substitute different substrates by changing the Coir segmentation to simulate other root zone properties.

You can select the most appropriate product to achieve maximum yield. All growers are encouraged to read the full article to ensure that you know what you need.

General Names and Industry Concepts Explained

Coir – is the stiff and coarse fiber from the outer husk of the coconut plant. Therefore, the terms coco peat or coconut peat are incorrect, but it is all coconut Coir.
Pith – All the loose material and dust extracted from the Coconut husk during Pelemix’s sieving technology to isolate the Premium Long Fibres. In India alone, 7.5 million tons of pith and dust are used in composting with extraordinary results.
Soiless – In Hydroponics, plants are grown in the absence of soil, and a substrate like Coir is used to anchor the plant. The substrate must supply the physical and chemical properties ideal for root growth, water, and nutrient absorption. Coir is a leader in all facets.

PLF -Premium Long Fibres that are used in Coir segmentation to produce pre-defined water retention and aeration in the root zone.

Coir, Pre-Processed To Suit Individual grower Needs

With the aid of Pelemix’s team of professionals, growers can decide how the initial processing needs to be done. The processing stages are discussed here and involve the following:

Washed or Unwashed – Coir is washed with pure water to wash off the dirt and excess salt, but it’s up to you and our professionals whether you prefer washed or unwashed Coir.

Partly Treated, Treated, or Untreated – Coir is treated with Calcium Nitrate to reduce Electrical Conductivity. If any EC level in between is preferred, then you can get it.

Unique protocols – Unique protocols have been developed, for instance, for a producer that wants more intensive Calcium Nitrate treatment to ensure an even lower EC. Some growers may need this to control nutrient management even better.

Bring Your Growth to Life With the Right Substrate Mix


Segmentation And Combination Of Material For Optimized Root Zone Aeration and Water Retention

Pelemix has defined different segmentation sizes and combinations of Coir to deliver a product adapted to all crops, climates, and systems worldwide. It is backed by reliable after-sales services of our Agronomy department to minimize risk for you as a grower.

The segments and combinations are discussed in detail in another article, and we will only provide an outline here. In general, segmentation is employed to induce the optimum conditions for root growth, water uptake, drainage, and soil temperature control in different regions of the world.

Chips – Chips is a Coir husk that is ground into pieces of specific sizes. It is added to the growing medium to Improve the aerating of the medium. It is important to use the right size of chips for a particular crop, and more details are available.

1/4” and 1/6” Coir –  This uniform growth medium is ideal for nurseries propagating seedlings. The fine-textured Coir provides a medium where perfect conditions exist for germination and root growth. For more information, please read this article.

Crush – Crush Coir is made up of sieved long fibers and chips to improve aeration and drainage. A detailed description of Crush is here.

Crush Pro – It combines 3/4” Coir Chips and Crush to enhance drainage even more, and a detailed description is available.

PLF Coir – Another combination of 3/4” Coir and PLF primarily produced and tested for cold and hot temperatures (Turkey and USA). For more information, please read this article.

3/4” DS Coir – The 3/4” Coir, with its exceptional drainage characteristics, is used in regions wit5h a hot climate. (Mexico, South Africa, and Australia). Read more here.

Product or Container For Material To Optimize Yield And Income

Our team of professionals can assist you in deciding which material you need, in which product packaging and what size. 

Coir Open Tops – Open Top durable white plastic bags that are black on the inside manufactured to suit your needs are filled with specific Coir for your conditions. 

Coir Grow Bags – Grow bags are made to suit your individual needs as dictated by your circumstances and climate. Our team of professionals will assist you in selecting the right bag and Coir. They got the know-how backed by Pelemix’s own in-house research.

More information on Grow Bags that are mainly used for Tomato production can be found in the Pelemix Magazine. 

Coir Bales – Bailes of different materials that are washed and treated are available. The material is compressed into 5 kg blocks, called bales, with the measurements 30cm X 30CM X 10cm.

Blends And Lose Substrate – Lose material, as well as certain mixtures, can be bought. The substrate is packed in 70 L bags, 3M X 3M bales, and 5M X 3M semi-compressed bales. 

The amount of compressed Coir translates to a volumetric measure of 9L, and when soaked with water, it will yield 65L to 70L of Coir.


Pelemix is the leader in Coco Coir substrate research, production, and distribution, accompanied by excellent after-sales service through educated, experienced team of professionals.

The Materials and Products can be tailored for a growers specific circumstances and needs to ensure that the grower can optimize yield and maximize income.

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