coir material


Coco GrowBags are one of the most modern hydroponics growing technologies. Because of the several benefits and advantages, it is replacing other hydroponics technologies. It provides better control on the growth and allows savings in water and fertilizers.


By using Pelemix sieving technology, Pelemix removed the fine dust from the raw material and classify it into different grades: 1/6 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch that are mainly used in nurseries. 3/4 inch, P.L.F, Crush used in the horticulture professional sector. Pelemix keeps the important chemical factors at the proper range (EC/PH) by using the natural local rains or local pumped waters from close natutal rivers.

Chemical Values

n order to simplify the choice of coir (Cocopeat) products Pelemix has defined 4 classes of coir. By controlling all stages of production and having the ability to treat the coir (Cocopeat), Pelemix has the ability to guarantee treated products as well as non treated products. Pelemix's experience enables Pelemix to recommend the proper coir (Cocopeat) class for each crop and grower.

Treated Coir Coco Peat

Pelemix has identified the need of some growers to receive the Cocopeatafter it was treated with CaNO3. Therefore Pelemix offers its customers, treated materials which were treated with CaNO3, and then washed with clean water. The treated products are very popular in vegetable nurseries and flowers nurseries. It is possible to buy treated products that were disinfected with steam. We show here a sample of treated material that was tested in a trustworthy laboratory. The results in the table are for demonstration.
different coco coir products

Hydroponic - Basic Demands

There are some important principles that should be followed in order to prepare the greenhouse and plan the plot. The following principles are related to growing in Coco (coir). All general principles such as the disinfection of the greenhouse should be followed.
ground supported gutter 2


Using growbags creates drainage water. In order to control the drainage water there must be a gutter under the growbags to collect the drainage water.


Between crop seasons, Pelemix strongly recommend the disinfection of the Coir. This disinfection is part of the activities that are required. It is not sufficient with just a disinfection regime alone, without all the usual actions to avoid diseases and insects.