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Pelemix will not use premature raw material The first stage in the production is to soak the husk in a water  reservoir.During this stage the Husk is softened by the water. Pelemix does not use young Husks for this stage.Since…

Loading Unloading and storage Guidelines

Pelemix Coco is an excellent solution for hydroponics growth. In order to obtain success all the needs of the plant should be supplied. There are few rules that need to be followed when growing in Pelemix grow-bags:
preplanting feature

Pre Planting

The Pre-Planting procedure is essential in order to prevent problems and difficulties during the growing period.

Growbag Irrigation

Pelemix's coir - cocopeat is an excellent media for roots development. Therefore the volume of substrates / growing media is relatively small (compared to soil and other soilless medias).Since the volume is relatively small it is very important for roots to develop within all the media equally.


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higher yield, excellent fruit quality & earlier harvesting Pelemix Coco Coir OpenTopfor hydroponic blueberries, Raspberries and Other Berries Our 3BMulti-Drain OpenTop System for hydroponic blueberries, raspberries and other berries…


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